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The 1950s

The 1950s

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Big Picture


1. Why was Eisenhower both Democrats' and Republicans' top choice for presidential nominee in 1952?
2. In what ways were the Fifties an "era of paradox"?
3. In what way did Eisenhower employ a "hidden hand" as President?
4. What were some of the "mistakes" of Eisenhower's presidency?
5. What is considered the most significant accomplishment of Eisenhower's presidency?


1. Because of his heroic experience as Supreme Allied Commander in WW2 and commander of NATO forces, and because of his tremendous experience in international relations, which the US desperately needed as they faced both the Korean War and the Cold War.
2. While they seemed like a time of peace and prosperity, people were very stressed out about the threat of the Soviet Union and nuclear war, and were searching for relief.
3. He was engaged with all decisions, but he rarely appeared in the spotlight, preferring to work quietly.
4. CIA-assisted coups in Iran and Guatemala, not being very progressive in regards to racial discrimination.
5. What didn't happen: there was no nuclear war.