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by George Orwell

1984 Book 2, Chapter 10 Summary

  • Winston and Julia awake at eight-thirty p.m. The two discuss how the future depends on the proles and their progeny.
  • They realize that the two of them are kind of screwed. Or rather, that "they are the dead."
  • From behind the picture of St. Clement’s Church, Mr. Charrington’s voice repeats, "You are the dead." Turns out, that picture of St. Clements’s Church? Actually a dummy front for a telescreen. The house is surrounded by boots. No, wait, make that stomping boots.
  • The troops storm in through the window and proceed to kick and beat Winston and Julia. The troops drag Julia away. Mr. Charrington finally enters the room; Winston realizes that he is a member of the Thought Police. Oh, the lies!

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