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Character Role Analysis

Julia to Winston

Interestingly enough, Winston’s ally and lover is also his foil. Superficially, Julia is an uncomplicated character; but the function she serves isn’t quite so simple. Whereas Winston is concerned with a grand scale uprising, Julia is content rebelling against the Party privately – in a self-serving manner. Whereas Winston takes unnecessary risks, Julia is cautious, pragmatic, and a true survivalist. Whereas Winston is one dimensional, in the sense that he is not interested in fooling or escaping from the Party, Julia is duplicitous – presenting the demeanor of a zealous Party member, but rebelling in every way she can away from the telescreens. Although the two share love for each other and hatred for the Party, Winston feels emotional about overthrowing the Party, while Julia is realistic and apathetic. Most of Julia’s traits deviate from, if not downright contradict, Winston’s.