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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


by Jules Verne

Conseil Timeline and Summary

  • Conseil joins his master, Aronnax, on the Abraham Lincoln.
  • He jumps in the water to save Aronnax after the "narwhal" knocks his master overboard. His efforts save Aronnax from drowning.
  • While on board the Nautilus, he accompanies Aronnax and Ned on a variety of adventures, and spends a lot of time classifying fish.
  • Conseil nearly shoots a savage after the savage destroys a unique shell.
  • After being stung by a fish, Conseil eats the same fish "out of revenge."
  • Conseil and Ned keep Aronnax alive using extra oxygen from one of the diving tanks.
  • He escapes from the Nautilus along with Aronnax and Ned, and ends up on an island in Norway. Aw yeah, he's a survivor.