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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


by Jules Verne

Ned Land Timeline and Summary

  • Ned joins the USS Abraham Lincoln expedition as a harpooner.
  • He is the first to spot the "narwhal" off in the distance.
  • But when this Great Hunter attempts to harpoon the "narwhal," his harpoon bounces off.
  • Aronnax gets thrown overboard and almost drowns but Conseil saves him. These two find Ned standing on the deck of the "narwhal"; turns out, it's a metal-plated, man-made vessel.
  • After getting thrown down into the Nautilus's "brig," Ned jumps on one of the crew members. He's restrained before he hurts someone.
  • After being locked up and then told he can never set foot on land again, Ned has had enough. He objects to the terms of the group's "stay" on board the Nautilus, and immediately begins talking of escape.
  • Ned declines to go on the hunting expedition in the underwater forests of Crespo Island. He ain't interested in any of this undersea hogwash, he just wants to go home.
  • When the Nautilus is beached in the Torres Strait, Ned, Aronnax, and Conseil travel to a nearby island to do some hunting. Above-sea hunting is something Ned totally approves of. He shoots some birds and kangaroos before being driven off the island by a bunch of (man-eating) natives.
  • While exploring oyster beds, Nemo, Aronnax, and Ned come across a pearl diver. The pearl diver is attacked, and Nemo intervenes. Ned subsequently saves Nemo from being attacked. He's a total warrior; you gotta respect him.
  • He even hunts and kills a dugong, an ugly manatee-type thing. Woot.
  • Before long, he starts talking about escaping yet again. He gets especially antsy once the group enters the Mediterranean, as they're getting close to reasonable Escape Country. But his attempts are thwarted again and again by the sub's movements as well as the weather.
  • Ned asks Nemo permission to hunt Antarctic whales. Nemo doesn't let him. He has to watch as Nemo kills a number of attacking sperm whales with the Nautilus. Ugh. Poor guy cannot catch a break.
  • After the Nautilus gets stuck under the ice, Ned volunteers to help break it out using pickaxes. Like we said, he's a man's man.
  • When Aronnax is on the verge of collapse, Ned and Conseil revive him with some spare oxygen from the diving tanks. Ned saves a lot of people, you see.
  • And it really tires him out. So, just before Nemo attacks the mystery ship, Ned suggests that Aronnax and Conseil flag it down and try to board it. Nemo threatens to kill Ned.
  • Finally, Ned escapes from the Nautilus—along with Aronnax and Conseil—just as the submarine is pulled into the Maelstrom. Ah, free at last.