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A Dialogue between the Soul and the Body

A Dialogue between the Soul and the Body


by Andrew Marvell

A Dialogue between the Soul and the Body Resources


In Context

Here's a nice, thorough biography by the Poetry Foundation that gives the story of Marvell the Poet as well as Marvell the Political Animal.

The Collected Works

Because you never know when the urge to read "The Mower to the Glo-Worms" will strike.


Student… Interpretation

Wow. If you were thinking, "All this poem needs is a techno intro and a hip-hop backbeat," then you'll dig this student video.


All in the Hair

Click through all 16 of the National Portrait Gallery's paintings of Marvell and wonder what conditioner is responsible for that soft, luxuriant hair.

For the Ages

Check out Marvell's memorial tablet (located at the church of St. Giles in the Fields in London) but be warned that "a tombstone can neither contain his character, nor is marble necessary to transmit it to posterity," for "it will be always legible in his inimitable writings" (spoken by the grave itself).

Articles and Interviews

They've Written It

Here's your one-stop source for academic articles on Marvell, from studies of his politics to close-readings of individual poems.

Heavy-Duty Philosophy

Beach reading it is not, but if you stroll through all 19 pages on the intertwining of soul and body in Marvell's time, you'll get yourself some brand-new insights on this dialogue.


Cut it Up

For a grisly take on how dissection figures into this poem—and other Renaissance art—take your scalpel to Jonathan Sawday's The Body Emblazoned: Dissection and the Human Body in Renaissance Culture.

Dialogue between the Chameleon and the Lizard

Did you know he could change colors, too? Check out Nigel Smith's "exhaustive, shrewd, wary" biography, Andrew Marvell: the Chameleon, for insight into how Andy kept it fresh by changing his styles.

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