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A Rose for Emily

A Rose for Emily


by William Faulkner

Miss Emily Grierson Timeline and Summary

  • Miss Emily's funeral is held.
  • The story goes back in time to the point when Miss Emily's father dies, and her taxes are remitted.
  • The tax collectors come to Miss Emily's house.
  • A few years later, Miss Emily's house begins to reek. The townsmen sprinkle lime in her yard to cover up a bad smell.
  • The smell goes away.
  • We go back in time again to the point when Miss Emily's father dies and leaves her no money, only the family house.
  • Miss Emily refuses to believe he is dead, but eventually realizes it's true.
  • She meets Homer Barron.
  • Later, she buys arsenic from the pharmacy.
  • She buys men's toilet items and clothing.
  • Homer Barron is seen going into her house but not leaving.
  • Emily remains cooped up in her house for a long time.
  • When she emerges, her hair has turned gray.
  • She gives painting lessons.
  • She stops giving painting lessons
  • She completely stops leaving the house.
  • She dies.
  • Her funeral is held.
  • The townspeople break down the door of her upstairs room and find the corpse of Homer Barron.