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A Rose for Emily

A Rose for Emily


by William Faulkner

A Rose for Emily: We Prefer Daffodils True or False

1. Which flower is for Emily? -> Rose
2. William Faulkner also wrote -> Twilight
3. The novel begins at a funeral for -> Emily
4. What doesn't Tobe do? -> Update his Facebook profile
5. Emily was pretty pissed at -> The Town of Jefferson
6. Homer Barron and Emily's father both have -> Horsewhips
7. Who is the least wealthy person in the town? -> Emily
8. Over time, Emily became -> Tattooed
9. The town thinks Miss Emily's "two female cousins are even more Grierson than Miss Emily had ever been". Is that a compliment? -> For sure
10. Old Lady Wyatt is -> Completely crazy