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A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time


by Madeleine L'Engle

Calvin O'Keefe Timeline and Summary

  • Calvin feels a compulsion to go to the woods, where he meets Meg and Charles Wallace.
  • Talking to Charles Wallace causes Calvin to rethink his assumptions about the boy's intelligence, or lack thereof.
  • Calvin goes with Meg and Charles to meet Mrs. Who.
  • Calvin is very happy to be going with Meg and Charles to their home for dinner.
  • Calvin tells Meg how lucky she is to have a family that loves her.
  • Calvin asks Meg about her father.
  • Calvin gets unexpected help from Meg on his homework.
  • Calvin quizzes Meg on her scientific and general knowledge.
  • Calvin feels that he's no longer alone now that he's met the Murrys.
  • Calvin and Meg go for a walk in the garden.
  • Calvin starts to put the moves on Meg, but they are interrupted by Charles Wallace, who is soon followed by Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which.
  • With the others, Calvin is tessered off to Uriel, though he is at first skeptical of the whole thing.
  • Calvin rides on the transformed Mrs. Whatsit's back with Meg and Charles to see the Black Thing.
  • Calvin thinks the Black Thing is evil.
  • Calvin and the others go to the Happy Medium's planet.
  • Calvin and the others look at the Black Thing in the Happy Medium's crystal ball.
  • At Meg's request, the Happy Medium brings up Calvin's mother in her crystal ball, embarrassing Calvin.
  • Calvin and the others tesser to Camazotz.
  • Calvin receives gifts from the Mrs. Ws: an enhanced power to communicate, a speech from The Tempest by Shakespeare, and a command to go into the town.
  • When they reach the town, Calvin has a feeling that if they go into the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building they will be in great danger.
  • Calvin and the others encounter the man with the red eyes.
  • Calvin resists the man by reciting the Gettysburg Address.
  • Calvin joins Meg in eating the man's turkey dinner.
  • Calvin agrees with Charles that he has to let the man into his mind in order to be able to find Mr. Murry.
  • Calvin tackles Chucky, the robotic, possessed version of Charles Wallace, and gets pulled off by the man's minions.
  • Calvin and Meg follow Chucky, who is leading them to Mr. Murry.
  • Calvin tries to get through to Charles Wallace, and almost succeeds.
  • Calvin almost gets left behind by Chucky.
  • Calvin again tries to communicate with Charles Wallace, and again almost succeeds.
  • Calvin gets left behind when both Meg and Chucky go into the room where Mr. Murry is imprisoned.
  • Calvin, Meg, and Mr. Murry follow Chucky to IT.
  • Calvin tells Mr. Murry to tesser.
  • Calvin and Mr. Murry discuss Mr. Murry's tesseract project while Meg slowly regains consciousness.
  • Calvin talks to the beasts when they arrive, explaining who they are and where they're from.
  • Calvin has breakfast with Mr. Murry, and is soon joined by a recovered Meg.
  • Calvin wants to prevent Meg from going back to save Charles Wallace, but the Mrs. Ws ignore him.
  • Calvin insults Meg in an attempt to stop her from going back to IT.
  • Calvin kisses Meg goodbye before she leaves.
  • Calvin is tessered back to Murrys' garden after Meg successfully rescues Charles Wallace.