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A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time


by Madeleine L'Engle

Charles Wallace Murry Timeline and Summary

  • Charles Wallace senses that Meg is going to need some cocoa, so he makes some.
  • Charles also senses that his mom is going to need sandwiches, so he gets started on that too.
  • Charles talks to Mrs. Whatsit when she turns up.
  • Charles meets Meg when she gets home from school and takes her to visit Mrs. Whatsit.
  • On the way they run into Calvin, whom Charles is at first suspicious of but eventually warms to.
  • Charles introduces Meg and Calvin to Mrs. Who.
  • Charles and Meg take Calvin home for dinner.
  • Charles interrupts Meg and Calvin on their moonlight walk, followed by Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which.
  • Charles looks for Meg post-tesser and can't find her.
  • Charles is relieved when Meg finally joins them.
  • Charles is peeved that the Mrs. Ws didn't show more consideration for Meg.
  • Charles, Meg, and Calvin ride on winged-centaur Mrs. Whatsit's back.
  • Charles almost-but-not-quite understands the other centaurs' song, so he collaborates with Mrs. Whatsit to translate for Meg.
  • Charles, along with the others, observes the Black Thing.
  • Charles tries to explain the tesseract to Meg.
  • Charles tells off Mrs. Which for trying to land them on a two-dimensional planet.
  • Charles sees the Black Thing wreathing Earth in the Happy Medium's crystal ball.
  • Charles sees a star sacrifice itself to fight the Black Thing, realizes Mrs. Whatsit did the same thing, and gives her a kiss.
  • Charles reassures Meg that he'll make sure she gets fed.
  • Charles, Meg, and Calvin land on Camazotz.
  • Charles asks Mrs. Whatsit why she's afraid for them if she wasn't afraid to sacrifice herself, and she tells him she was afraid.
  • Charles receives gifts from the Mrs. Ws: the resilience of childhood, a reminder that he doesn't know everything, and a command to go into the city.
  • Mrs. Whatsit reminds Charles to beware of pride and arrogance, and not to go off on his own.
  • Charles, Meg, and Calvin walk through the suburbs towards the city.
  • Charles notices that all the kids are playing in exactly the same rhythm.
  • After the kids go indoors, Charles knocks on the door of the one kid who was out of sync, and talk to his mother.
  • Charles talks to a boy delivering newspapers.
  • Charles insists they go into the CENTRAL Central Intelligence Building.
  • Charles talks to a man there and gets them reported.
  • Charles, with Meg and Calvin, encounters the man with the red eyes.
  • Charles uncharacteristically threatens violence against the man.
  • Charles recites nursery rhymes to resist the man's hypnotic powers.
  • Charles refuses to speak to the man by letting him read his mind.
  • Charles slaps the man.
  • Charles looks into the man's eyes in order to try to figure out who he is and is nearly possessed, but Meg brings him back to himself.
  • Charles can't smell or taste the turkey dinner.
  • Charles again looks into the man's eyes, and this time is wholly possessed. We'll call this possessed version of Charles "Chucky."
  • Chucky now thinks the turkey dinner is delicious, and criticizes Meg for being obstreperous.
  • Chucky leads Meg and Calvin to where Mr. Murry is imprisoned, all the while telling them about the wonderfulness of IT.
  • Chucky tries to stop Meg from getting into the room where her father is, but fails.
  • Chucky is rude to his father.
  • Chucky takes Meg, Calvin, and Mr. Murry to IT.
  • Chucky is left behind with IT when Mr. Murry tessers away with Meg and Calvin.
  • When Meg returns, Chucky tries to get her over to the dark side, but Meg triumphs through the power of love.
  • Charles, no longer possessed, returns home with Meg and the others.