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Abolitionists Websites

Railing Against Bondage

The full text of Angelina Grimké Weld's antislavery speech at Pennsylvania Hall is available through PBS online:

Africans in America

Several more primary-source documents pertaining to slavery and abolition are also available online through the PBS Africans in America series:

Speaking Out

"I will be heard!" is an excellent collection of documents and descriptions from the Cornell University Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections:

Arguing Amistad In Court

The full text of the Court opinions and the arguments in the Amistad case are available from University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law:

Sojourner Truth

The Sojourner Truth Institute in Battle Creek, Michigan, which is doubtless celebrating the 210th anniversary of her birth (in 2007):

Telling Truth's Story

Sojourner Truth's Narrative is also available on-line:

Read the Works of a Great Man

The Frederick Douglass papers at the Library of Congress, searchable by keyword:

Abolitionists into Feminists

Some links to primary sources on Lucretia Mott and the women's rights movement:

Primary Sources on Slavery

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School: Documents from pre 18th century to the present. Contains several primary-source documents, on slavery, antislavery movements and legislation:

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