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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


by Seth Grahame-Smith

Death Quotes in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

... wish I could but vanish from this earth, for there is no love left in it. She has been taken from me, and with her, all hope of a... (Introduction.55)

This book doesn't slowly get us into the issues. Nope, it drops us smack dab in the middle of them. Right off the bat we know that Abe is sad because someone is dead. That's pretty much half of this book. We don't know who is dead or what Abe hoped before (but now doesn't). But here's a clear sign: buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Quote #2

Abe had never watched someone die before, and he hoped that God would forgive him for being slightly curious to see it happen. (1.58)

Death is a serious business for Abe. (He charges… by the head.) Or at least it will be when he's older. When he's just a kid, it's a fun mystery that he wants to investigate. These deaths are those of his great aunt and uncle, the Sparrows, so it doesn't really mean anything to Abe. But it will soon enough.

Quote #3

I ached for this "war" with vampires, knowing nothing of its consequences. Knowing nothing of holding a dying friend in my arms or burying a child. Any man who has seen the face of death knows better than to seek him out a second time. (2.96)

Even after Abe's mom dies, he doesn't seem to be taking death all that seriously. What's funny about this quote is that Abe comments on this from a future point when he can see what an idiot he once was. From the future, Abe can tell that seeking out death is not exactly the best idea in the world, not for him or for his family.

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