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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
by Seth Grahame-Smith

Politics Quotes in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Page 4

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Quote #10

The sound of my boys at play is (too often, I confess) the only joy between sunrise and sleep. I am therefore too happy to wrestle and chase them about whenever the opportunity presents itself— and regardless of who looks on. […] Mary thinks it beneath the dignity of a president to gambol so, but were it not for these moments—these tender little pieces of life—I should go mad in a month's time. (11.58)

Once again, Abe makes a connection between politics and being happy—well, actually a disconnection. Being happy is almost opposite being involved in politics. (Now politicians are sad because they're always being recorded saying silly things.) So it may be Abe's destiny to be involved in politics, but it's not a happy one. He has to find other, non-destiny-related ways to keep his mood up.

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