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Absalom, Absalom!

Absalom, Absalom!


by William Faulkner

Absalom, Absalom!: Quotes (What Was Said) True or False

1. Who does this quote describe?: "He came here with a horse and two pistols and a name which nobody ever heard of before"? -> Sutpen
2. Who says the following?: "I saw what happened to Ellen, my sister, I saw her almost a recluse, watching those two doomed children growing up whom she was helpless to save." -> Rosa Coldfield
3. Who says, "So it's the miscegenation, not the incest, which you can't bear?" -> Charles Bon
4. What is the speaker saying about Sutpen?: "Marrying Ellen or marrying ten thousand Ellens could not have made him one. Not that he ever wanted to be one, or even be taken for one"? -> He can never be a good husband
5. Who is this quote referring to?: "[Rosa] chose you because your grandfather was the nearest thing to a friend which Sutpen ever had in this country"? -> Quentin Compson