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Absalom, Absalom!

Absalom, Absalom!


by William Faulkner

Absalom, Absalom!: Symbols True or False

1. Where does the title Absalom, Absalom! come from? -> That weird guy on the street corner that you try not to make eye contact with
2. What/who haunts the characters in the book? -> The past
3. By using the backdrop of the Civil War, Faulkner symbolizes what? -> Domestic conflict
4. When the smell of wisteria wafts through the book, it is usually accompanied by what? -> Thoughts of the past
5. Naming his plantation Sutpen's Hundred, "as if it had been a king's grant in unbroken perpetuity from his great grandfather," is an example of Sutpen's desire to be treated as what? -> Just another Southern plantation owner