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Absalom, Absalom!

Absalom, Absalom!


by William Faulkner

Analysis: Trivia

Brain Snacks: Tasty Tidbits of Knowledge

All over the Internet, you'll read that the Absalom, Absalom! contains the longest (grammatically correct) sentence in the English language: 1,288 words. Who knows if it's true, but we definitely buy it. Faulkner loves him some long sentences.

Faulkner was a prolific poet, and we're not talking limericks. Read one of his many poems and tell us what you think.

Besides writing novels and poetry, Faulkner moonlighted as a Hollywood screenwriter. He wrote the screenplay for the classic noir film The Big Sleep, starring his pal, Humphrey Bogart.

Faulkner claimed to have a violent dislike of interviews, although he granted his share of them. Maybe if he'd given one for Quentin, we'd have more details in this book (Source.)

Mr. Faulkner has his own stamp. Not even Sutpen had one of those.

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