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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian


by Sherman Alexie

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Characters

Meet the Cast

Arnold Spirit, Junior

Arnold Spirit (a.k.a. Junior) is our witty and vibrant narrator who takes us along on his journey as he transfers from his reservation high school in Wellpinit, WA to the affluent white high school...


Rowdy is Arnold's best friend, arch nemesis, and everything in between. As his name indicates, he's a pretty tough guy.Rowdy the Best FriendRowdy sticks up for Arnold, but he also pushes Arnold aro...

Mary Spirit

Mary is Arnold's older sister who lives in the basement of her parent's house. While Arnold draws cartoons, Mary loves to read and write romance novels – though she hides this from almost everyon...

Mr. and Mrs. Spirit

As Arnold's drawing tells us (figure 2.2), Mr. Spirit could have been a jazz musician and Mrs. Spirit could have been a community college teacher. Unfortunately, no one listened to their dreams. Ar...

Grandmother Spirit

Grandmother Spirit is powwow famous, and her greatest gift is tolerance (22.37). When she is struck by a drunk driver, her dying words ask that Gerald, the man who hit her, be forgiven. In many way...


Gordy is Reardan High School's boy genius. He is responsible for introducing Arnold to the joyous world of books and knowledge. He is an "anglophile" (he loves all things British) and thinks Arnold...


Penelope is the beautiful, perfect blonde girl and Arnold is the new Indian boy. How do they get together? Well, Penelope does want to stick it to her racist dad Earl, but Arnold and Penelope actua...


Roger is Reardan High School's star basketball player who Arnold punches in the face. Roger comes to respect Arnold and loans him money during the Winter Formal. The two play on the basketball team...


Eugene is Arnold's father's best friend who is shot in the parking lot of 7-11 in a drunken argument over the last drink from a bottle of booze. Eugene rode a motorcycle and once gave Arnold a ride...

Mr. P

Mr. P is the white teacher at whom Arnold throws the geometry book. Mr. P convinces Arnold that he is a fighter and must leave the reservation.

Billionaire Ted

Billionaire Ted is one of the white people who collects Indian art and culture. He shows up at Grandmother Spirit's funeral with a powwow outfit that he claims belonged to her – but in reality di...


Coach helms Reardan's basketball team. He is always quick to give Arnold words of encouragement and support.
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