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Quote #1

I ran away from there as fast as I could.

I wanted to run faster than the speed of sound, but nobody, no matter how much pain they're in, can run that fast. So I heard the boom of my father's rifle when he shot my best friend. (2.59-2.60)

Arnold is always losing people, especially those closest to him. Notice how Arnold calls Oscar his best friend. Who else does he call his best friend?

Quote #2

Rowdy is the toughest kid on the rez. He is long and lean and strong like a snake.

His heart is as strong and mean as a snake, too.

But he is my best human friend and he cares about me, so he would always tell me the truth.

And he is right. Nobody would miss me if I was gone. (3.7-3.10)

Rowdy is Arnold's best friend on the reservation, but he's not always the nicest guy, let's be honest. Though Rowdy often protects Arnold, does he also treat Arnold poorly? Why is Rowdy so mean and violent sometimes?

Quote #3

I think Rowdy might be the most important person in my life. Maybe more important than my family. Can your best friend be more important than your family? (3.123)

What do you think of Arnold's question? Can your best friend be more important than your family? Why?

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