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Achilles's Wall


By Zeus, it's great being Achilles.


Yep, you are awesome.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how awesome would you say I was?



Hmmm... not sure about that, little buddy.



There's my BFF.

You guys are disgusting.

Not sure why Heracles got to be a god after he died. What about me?

Hey buddy, I did 12 labors, and a whole bunch of other nearly impossible things on top of that.

Yeah, well I was the greatest warrior of the Trojan War.

How great could you be? You got taken out by a little arrow in the heel.

Again, because I should have been made totally immortal.


Sorry about that, son! I could've sworn I dipped you all the way in the River Styx.

You know I love you, Moms.

Nobody made me impervious to harm. That's the wussy way out. Did you know I once took down Troy practically all by myself?

Well, I wish you'd been more thorough. Then I never would've died at that stink hole.


No one was begging you to come!


Looking forward to tonight!



Neoptolemus and I are coming by for dinner... remember?



Your son! I never should have married you

How could you resist me? I looked amazing disguised as a woman in the court of your father.


It's so messed up that you don't let us live with you.

I told you... I've got major PTSD from the war. Totally need my space.


It's been thousands of years!!!

What can I say? I'm a delicate soul.

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