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Aeneas Photos

Fleeing Troy With a Heavy Dad
Yeah, I kind of wish Dad had gone easier on the sweets in his later years—would've made getting out of Troy just a wee bit easier. [Aeneas Carrying Anchises by Charles Andre van Loo, 1729]

Best Presents Ever
I love it when Mom gets me weapons for my birthday! [Venus Presenting Weapons to Aeneas by Gerard de Lairesse, second half of the 17th century]

My Favorite Sport...
Harpy hunting. [Aeneas and His Companions Fighting the Harpies by Francois Perrier, 1646-1647]

My Crazy Mom, Aphrodite
I love her, but sometimes it's a little awkward when Mom walks around half naked in front of my friends. [Venus Appearing to Aeneas and Achates by Giacinto Gimignani, early 17th Century]

My First Dinner With Dido
I'll admit it: it was love at first sight. [The Feast of Dido Aeneas by Francois de Troy, 1704]

Oh, Dido...
For real Dido, I'm really sorry, but I had to go. [Dido and Aeneas by Pierre-Narcisse Guerin, 1815]

Jerk of the Underworld
Everybody's definitely right about Charon, the Boatman—total jerk. [Aeneas and Charon by Wenceslas Hollar, 17th century]

The Lovely Sibyl
Sibyl was a lovely guide through the Underworld—if only we didn't have to put up with this jerky Boatman. [Aeneas, the Sibyl, and Charon by Giuseppe Maria Crespi, 1695-1705]

Real Sorry You Died, Latinus
But thanks for the kingdom—oh, and your daughter! [Aeneas at the Court of Latinus by Ferdinand Bol, 17th century]

Take That, Turnus
Turnus was a noble opponent, but in the end he was doomed to fail—Lavinia was fated to be mine. [Aeneas and Turnus by Luca Giordano, 17th century]

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