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Aeneas's Wall


It's great being a god.


Glad you're having such a great time, jerk.

Dido, you know I had to go! I had to help spawn Rome.


Yeah, I'm sure you did a lot of spawning.


Lay off my husband, you Carthaginian minx.


He's so great, huh? And why aren't you a goddess? Why are you stuck down in the Underworld with me?

Leave my boy alone, Dido.


This is more your fault than his! Why would you make me fall in love with somebody who you knew had to leave?

The day love is convenient is the day it loses its power.

Whoa, that was deep, Mom.


I left my golden apple pie on the windowsill and now it's gone. I suspect a Harpy.

Harriet the Harpy

How dare you, sir!

That's what your kind does. You're all the same.

Harriet the Harpy

I'd call that racial profiling.

It's ridiculous that Odysseus is a more popular hero than me. Clearly, I'm superior.


Yeah, that's why your city is rubble.

Whatever. It's because of your underhanded wooden horse strategy. Totally unacceptable hero behavior.


Being a sore loser isn't very heroic either.


He's right, Odysseus. You are a crap hero.


So you're siding with a Trojan now?


When he's right, he's right.


Are you still upset about me getting the armor of Achilles? Really?

You guys can take your pathetic Greek problems off of my wall. And for the record Odysseus, my descendents founded Rome, and Rome conquered Greece. So there.

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