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The Aeneid
The Aeneid
by Virgil

The Aeneid Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Book 1


1. Which goddess is upset with Aeneas and why?
2. What does the goddess promise to give Aeolus in return for stirring up the sea Aeneas is sailing through?
3. Who is Aeneas's mother?
4. What story does Venus tell Aeneas and Achates?
5. What does Aeneas want Achates to bring from camp to the feast?


1. Juno is upset with Aeneas because he is a Trojan and because Juno loves the city Carthage, which Aeneas will one day take part in destroying.
2. Juno says she will give Aeolus one of her nymphs to marry.
3. Venus is Aeneas's mother.
4. She tells them the story of how Dido came to found the city of Carthage.
5. He wants Achates to bring his son and some gifts for Queen Dido.