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by Maya Angelou

Africa Resources


The Poetry Foundation on Angelou

This is a good starting place to learn more about the poet.

Maya Angelou's Official Website

According to this website, Maya Angelou is a "Global Renaissance Woman." That means she's good at everything, and who are we to disagree? You'll find everything you need to know about her works and current projects here.

Poets.org on the Poet Herself

Another bio, with great links to Angelou's poems.


Angelou Speaks at a Church in San Francisco

Angelou's social message has always been central to her literary projects. Learn more about both here.

Angelou Reciting "And Still I Rise"

OK, so it's not "Africa," but here's a clip of Angelou reading one of her most famous poems.

Honoring Angelou

Denzel Washington and Oprah – what more could you want?

Angelou Reads at President Clinton's Inaugural Ceremonies

In case you were wondering about Angelou's current cultural cachet, check this site out.


Angelou Reads "Africa"
Complete with someone's personal photo collection. Aw, YouTube.


Maya and the Muppets
When someone's as famous as Maya Angelou, there are bound to be tons of pictures floating around on the web. Here's one of our favorites.


I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
Angelou's first autobiography topped the New York Times' bestseller list for a really long time. Check it out here.

Movies & TV

African American Lives

Angelou is a very politically engaged writer. Here she appears on a PBS series about famous African Americans.

Angelou on Oprah

C'mon, you know it had to happen!

Angelou on Sesame Street

Who doesn't love Sesame Street?

Angelou Narrates Elmo Saves Christmas

We're not even kidding. Check this out.

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