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by Thomas Hardy

Afterwards Resources


The Victorian Web

This is a great online resource for any students of the Victorian period. Their section on Thomas Hardy includes a handy chronology of his life, plus lots of other great information.

The Thomas Hardy Association

This is a must for folks studying Thomas Hardy. The Thomas Hardy Association is supported by several different universities in the USA, Great Britain, and Canada.


Cartoon Portrait of Hardy

This image is from the Slate.com article linked to below.

Portrait of Hardy

This is a more formal portrait of Hardy than the cartoon.

Photo of Hardy's House

Hardy's house in Dorchester, England.

Photo of Hardy's Grave

Does it contain Hardy's heart, or a pig's heart, as the rumor goes? We'll never know! (Check out "Trivia" to learn more…)


Article about Hardy's Poetry

This Slate.com article gives some great background on Hardy, but mostly focuses on the poems Hardy wrote to his wife, Emma, after she died.

"The Time-Torn Man," by Claire Tomalin

You'll need to log in to access this article, but you could also write down the bibliographic information and pick it up at almost any library. Victorian Studies is a major journal.

"The Actual Sky Is a Horror": Thomas Hardy and the Arnoldian Conception of Science

This is an article by Anne DeWitt, from Yale University.

"Thomas Hardy and Thomas Gray: The Poet's Currency"

This article mentions "Afterwards" and provides useful background about the poet, but you might have to log in to access the full article.


The Technique of Thomas Hardy

This is from a 1922 book by Joseph Warren Beach. Parts of it are available on Google Books, or you could get the whole thing from the library.

Review of a Biography by Claire Tomalin

This is a New York Times review of one of the newest books out there on the life of Thomas Hardy.

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