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Interview with Agamemnon

The following is a copy of a YouTube discussion board posted below a particularly hilarious video of Agamemnon singing his version of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" while wearing a particularly revealing pair of shorts. The video has since been taken down, but we think the following posts will give you a pretty good idea of what it was like. Hint: we suggest you read it from the bottom up.

There will be blood.
bowbeforeme2001 1 hour ago

What was that? Did I hear you singing...
Hey, I'm Agamemnon
And I am crazy
I shake my booty
So call me maybe

justsumguy 1 hour ago

This is Achilles isn't it? You're still mad at me about that stupid Briseis chick. You are such a child! Whining about that. You almost made us lose the whole war moping in your tent.
bowbeforeme2001 2 hours ago

lol lol lol LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
justsumguy 2 hours ago

He's totally right, sweetie pie. You've got to shave before you wear something like that.
Clytemnestra 3 hours ago

Booty shorts...booty shorts...
TOPchef 3 hours ago

Whatever, you fed Uncle Thyestes' kids to him in a stew! That wasn't shameful? You put a curse on our whole family!!!
bowbeforeme2001 3 hours ago

Did you have to wear the booty shorts, Agamemnon?
TOPchef 3 hours ago

bowbeforeme2001 3 hours ago

Please, don't say you're part of my House anymore.
TOPchef 3 hours ago

Hey, I can't help it if the House of Atreus is down with the times.
bowbeforeme2001 4 hours ago

Sicko?! You're the one who listens to Carly Rae Jepsen.
justsumguy 4 hours ago

This was just a private project that my brother and I were working on in our spare time. Whoever posted this is a sicko peeping tom.
bowbeforeme2001 4 hours ago

Agamemnon's Super Cool Brother 6 hours ago

I told you to stop typing what I type, Menelaus.
bowbeforeme2001 7 hours ago

Yeah, security!
Agamemnon's Super Cool Brother 7 hours ago

Sorry, Lord Hades. But we've seriously got to tighten up security around here.
bowbeforeme2001 8 hours ago

Don't take my name in vain.
Darklord99 11 hours ago

I want to know who the Hades posted this video!
bowbeforeme2001 12 hours ago

Oh please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please...TELL HIM!
justsumguy 1 day ago

I'm telling Dad. This video has to be taken down.
Electragirl 1 day ago

He killed your sister, Iphigenia. Your brother Orestes killed me with your help, Electra.
Clytemnestra 1 day ago

U guyz are awful. Mom u suck so bad. Isn't it bad enough that you killed him?
Electragirl 1 day ago

feel srry 4 whoever he's singing to. my ex is a big, nasty, awful, disgusting, revolting, monster.
Clytemnestra 1 day ago

Hope whoever he's singing to "calls him maybe" or else he might, ohhhh...I don't know, take them anyway by force. Just like he did with that pretty young Chryseis. Or noble Achilles' love slave, Briseis.
justsumguy 1 day ago

Soooooooooooooo graceful
Clytemnestra 1 day ago

Menelaus is a great back up dancer too. ;)
justsumguy 1 day ago

never knew he could sing that high!!! lol
Clytemnestra 1 day ago

Did anybody else know that Agamemnon was such a big Carly Rae Jepsen fan?justsumguy 1 day ago

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