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Age of Iron

Age of Iron


by J.M. Coetzee

Bheki Timeline and Summary

  • Bheki arrives at Mrs. Curren's house with his mother and sisters.
  • Bheki and his friend beat up on Vercueil.
  • Bheki and his friend sleep in the garage without asking Mrs. Curren's permission.
  • Mrs. Curren confronts Bheki about how he didn't ask for permission to sleep in her car. He doesn't respond.
  • Bheki and his friend go for a bike ride. The police chase them and then force them to crash into the door of a plumbing truck.
  • Bheki declares that the police are terrorists.
  • Bheki, Vercueil, Florence, and Mrs. Curren drive to the hospital. Bheki's friend isn't there. They go to another hospital, Groote Schuur.
  • Bheki gets killed.