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Age of Iron

Age of Iron


by J.M. Coetzee

Florence Timeline and Summary

  • Florence returns to the house with her daughters and son. She asks about the homeless guy in the yard.
  • Florence and Mrs. Curren talk about the state of affairs in South Africa.
  • Florence makes some snide remarks about Vercueil.
  • Mrs. Curren tells Florence that it's wrong to let Bheki and his friend get away with their disrespectful behavior towards Vercueil. Florence says that if kids are cruel these days, it's because white people have made them that way.
  • When Mrs. Curren tells Florence that Bheki's friend can't stay at her house anymore, Florence says she can't send him back to Gugulethu because it's too dangerous.
  • Florence helps Mrs. Curren to get Vercueil's random lady friend out of the house.
  • Mrs. Curren chews Florence out for not helping when Bheki's friend was badly injured.
  • Florence tells Mrs. Curren that she doesn't want to get involved with the police.
  • Bheki's friend's grandmother calls Florence to tell her that the boy is in the hospital.
  • Florence, Bheki, Vercueil, and Mrs. Curren go to the hospital to find Bheki's friend.
  • Florence tells Mrs. Curren and Vercueil that they've found Bheki's friend. She goes on a rant about how awful everything is.
  • Florence goes to Gugulethu with Mrs. Curren, Hope, and Beauty when she receives a phone call telling her that something has happened to Bheki.
  • Mr. Thabane joins them to find Bheki.
  • Everyone gets separated, but then when they find each other again, Florence tells Mr. Thabane and Mrs. Curren that she's found Bheki.