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Age of Iron

Age of Iron


by J.M. Coetzee

Age of Iron Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from Age of Iron.

Mortality Quotes

This was the day when I had the news from Dr. Syfret. The news was not good, but it was mine, for me, mine only, not to be refused. It was for me to take in my arms and fold to my chest and take ho...

Suffering Quotes

I was on my way out to the shops, in the act of opening the garage door, when I had a sudden attack. An attack: it was just that: the pain hurling itself upon me like a dog, sinking its teeth into...

Literature and Writing Quotes

To whom this writing then? The answer: to you but not you; to me; to you in me. (1.13)

Rules and Order Quotes

"Since when have the schools been closed?" I asked Florence."Since last week. All the schools in Gugulethu, Langa, Nyanga. The children have nothing to do. All they do is run around the streets and...

Race Quotes

"Yes, I did say that, and it is true. But who made them so cruel? It is the whites who made them so cruel! Yes!" [Florence] breathed deeply, passionately. (2.96)

Hate Quotes

"You told me," I said, "that I should turn this house into a boardinghouse for students. Well, there are better things I could do with it. I could turn it into a haven for beggars. I could run a so...

Violence Quotes

As the second boy, the friend, neared him, Vercueil struck out and hit him on the neck with the flat of his hand. The boy drew in his breath with a hiss of surprise: even from the balcony I heard i...

Principles Quotes

"He is not a rubbish person," I said, lowering my voice, speaking to Florence alone. "There are no rubbish people. We are all people together." (2.83)

Family Quotes

How I longed for you to be here, to hold me, comfort me! I begin to understand the true meaning of the embrace. We embrace to be embraced. We embrace our children to be folded in the arms of the fu...

The Home Quotes

"This is a big house," he said. "You could turn it into a boarding house." I made a tired gesture."You could let rooms to students," he went on relentlessly. (1.35-37)

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