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Quote #10

Nothing had changed except that a second windowpane was gone. The courtyard itself was empty; the policemen, half a dozen of them now, were crouching on the veranda, guns at the ready.

"Weg!" shouted one of them furiously. "Kry haar weg!"

The woman bundled me indoors. As she closed the door there was a curt explosion, a fusillade of shots, then a long stunned silence, then low talk and, from somewhere, the sound of Vercueil's dog yapping.

I tried to pull open the door, but the woman held me tight.

"If you have hurt him I will never forgive you," I said. (3.587-591)

This is probably the last thing Mrs. Curren ever expected to see in her own home. It all happens really quickly and emotionlessly.

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