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Albert Einstein Images

Baby Einstein

Albert Einstein as a young child

Professor Einstein

Albert Einstein at work in his study, 1920

At the Chalkboard

Albert Einstein in 1921

Old Einstein

Albert Einstein in 1947

Fathers of the Bomb

Albert Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheirmer, leader of the secret Manhattan Project that developed the world's first atomic bomb

Citizen Einstein

Albert Einstein obtains his American citizenship, 1940

Dramatic Proof

Photograph of the 1919 solar eclipse that helped to prove Einstein's general theory of relativity.

Swiss Patent Clerk

Albert Einstein at work in the Swiss Patent Office, 1904

"Annus Mirabilis"

Albert Einstein in 1905, the year he published a series of groundbreaking articles that revolutionized theoretical physics.

Volume 17

In 1905, the German Annalen Der Physik was the world's leading physics journal. Albert Einstein, then a young man working in the Swiss patent office, published three separate revolutionary articles in the journal's volume 17.

The Equation

Einstein's hand-scrawled mathematical proof points toward E=mc2.

On the Cover

Einstein on the cover of Time magazine, 1929

Goofy Einstein

The famous physicist sticks his tongue out at a photographer, 1951.

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