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The Alchemyst
The Alchemyst
by Michael Scott

Awe and Amazement Quotes in The Alchemyst Page 4

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Quote #10

"It's time to die, Nicholas Flamel," Dee called out of the gloom […] A rustle ran through the mass of skeletal human and animal bodies, and then, as one, they surged forward.

And a monster came out of the fog.

Huge and black, howling savagely, with two huge yellow white eyes and dozens of smaller eyes blazing, it drove straight through the Libbey Park fountain, crushing it to powder, shattering the ornamental vases, and bore down on Dr. John Dee. (39.21-22)

We love that this quote trades the awe usually associated with magic for awe toward a totally ordinary object—the Hummer that Josh drives into Dr. John Dee. By calling the car "a monster" and personifying it ("howling savagely, with two huge yellow eyes"), we feel the wonder of watching a monster destroy a powerful villain. And then we remember: it's just a car.

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