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The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst


by Michael Scott

The Alchemyst Chapter 9 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • The creepy Golems pursue the twins, but two of them are taken out by the crescent blades. Hey, those things are pretty handy.
  • The third Golem survives and steps into the dojo, followed by most of the rats. It's quite the scene.
  • The action switches back to Dr. John Dee. Apparently, he is controlling the remaining Golem from his speeding limousine. 
  • See, Golems are mindless creatures that magicians manipulate with their minds.
  • As his Golem chases the twins, Dee reminisces about a time when he told the story of the most powerful Golem to a lady named Mary Shelley.
  • The story was so good, she even wrote the famous story Frankenstein about it (check out "Shout Outs" for more). 
  • Through the Golem, Dee sees Scatty has joined Flamel. 
  • That's a big bummer for Dee, because apparently Scatty is quite the powerful woman. She must be if Dee is so scared of her.
  • Josh and Sophie watch as the Golem attacks Scatty. Sophie impulsively throws a microwave at the Golem to help, but there's no need. 
  • Scatty just knocks the Golem down. We mean, the girl runs a dojo for crying out loud. We're thinking she can hold her own in a fight. 
  • She pulls out a paper square from the Golem's mouth. Scatty tells them that every magical creature is animated by a spell either in or on its body, and all you have to do is destroy the spell to destroy the creature.
  • Simple, right?
  • Flamel fights the rats with a green ball of magic mist (a warding spell, Scatty informs them).
  • Then he has a chat with the rats, because he knows they're spies for Dee: "Dr. John Dee, you have made the biggest mistake of your long life. I am coming for you." 
  • Here's hoping Dee is quaking in his boots.
  • And he should be, because when Dee tries to send the remaining rats into the room, they're blocked by the very floorboards, which Flamel has turned into trees. 
  • Sophie and Josh learn that one of the oldest secrets of alchemy is that every living thing carries the secret of creation within itself. 
  • Um, you mean DNA? says Josh. 
  • No. Flamel says. It's called magic. 

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