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The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst


by Michael Scott

Family Quotes in The Alchemyst

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

Once again, he felt apart from his twin: truly apart. They were fraternal twins, and therefore not genetically identical. They didn't share those feelings that identical twins often spoke about—feeling pain when the other twin was hurt, knowing when they were in trouble—but right now he could feel his sister's distress. He only wished there was something he could do to ease her pain. (33.72)

That's how close these two twins are. Even when Josh feels far away from his twin, both physically and mentally, now that she has been Awakened, he still wants to protect her from pain and suffering. That's some serious brotherly love right there.

Quote #8

"And have you a grandmother?"

"My Nana, yes, my father's mother. I usually call her on Fridays," she added, realizing with a guilty start that today was Friday and that Nana Newman would be expecting a call.

"Every Friday," the Witch of Endor said significantly, and looked at Scatty again, but the Warrior deliberately turned away and concentrated on an ornate glass paperweight. (36.21-23)

The Witch of Endor is asking a rather sneaky, double-edged question. On one hand, she is interrogating Sophie about whether she calls her grandmother (which makes Sophie feel guilty because she loves her grandmother very much and has not called), and on the other hand, she is trying to make Scatty feel guilty for not calling her own grandmother (the Witch, herself). She's one tough cookie.

Quote #9

Josh knew deep down that he had lost his twin, the constant in his life, the one person he could always count on... Even when Sophie's newly Awakened senses were making her sick, he was jealous of her abilities. (37.27)

Ah, so Josh and Sophie's relationship isn't perfect after all. Josh feels jealous of his sister's powers, but instead of turning against Josh, we just feel all the more sympathetic toward him. Come on, how would you feel if your sister were suddenly way more powerful than you? Frankly, we're just worried his loneliness and jealousy will drive him to do something, well, stupid. Here's to hoping that doesn't happen.

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