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The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst


by Michael Scott

Family Quotes in The Alchemyst

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

"You. Leave. My. Brother. Alone." Sophie Newman brought the broom down five times on Dee's back, once for every word. (3.53)

Go Sophie, go!

Quote #2

"We are still staying with Aunt Agnes in Pacific Heights," Josh added. "Aunt Agony."

"We can't just disappear. She'll be expecting us home for dinner," Sophie said. "If we are even five minutes late, she gets in a tizzy. Last week, when the trolley car broke down and we were an hour late, she'd already phoned our parents by the time we got there." Aunt Agnes was eighty-four, and although she drove the twins to distraction with her constant fussing, they were very fond of her. (5.9)

True, Agnes is a bit of a helicopter-aunt, but we can tell the twins really care for her, and she for them. And why shouldn't they? It's not like they have a super stable family life. They have to take what they can get.

Quote #3

[Josh] reached over and squeezed her hand; she squeezed tightly in return. As with so much of the communication between them, there was no need for words. With their parents away so much, Sophie and Josh had learned from a very early age that they could only really depend on themselves […] they knew that whatever happened, they would always have each other." (13.4)

Ne-Yo says it best: "I'm a movement by myself, But I'm a force when we're together." That's Sophie and Josh in a Nutshell. Sure, they're great on their own, but when Sophie and Josh stick together, they're at their most powerful because they have each other's back. Just imagine how strong they'll be when Josh is finally Awakened.

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