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The Alchemyst
The Alchemyst
by Michael Scott

Fear Quotes in The Alchemyst Page 4

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Quote #10

"We can't afford to be here when the Shadowrealm disappears," she continued, looking down at him, her face expressionless. But he knew by the way she hugged the cloak of crow feathers about her shoulders that she was nervous.

"What would happen?" Dee wondered aloud. He'd never seen the Crow Goddess like this before, and he took pleasure in her discomfiture. (31.5-6)

Now the Morrigan's afraid? Sheesh. If the woman who inspires fear in Dee is even afraid, we know there are some serious troubles ahead. Of course what's so fun about this scene is that Dee, who we know on some level fears the Morrigan, really enjoys watching her squirm. We cheer that she's finally getting some comeuppance, but we also sneer at the fact that Dee takes such pleasure in another person's pain. A potential moment of sympathy for his character becomes one that makes us dislike him even more. Can you say epic fail?

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