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The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst


by Michael Scott

The Alchemyst Resources


Michael Scott's Official Website

Follow the author on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and his blog. Plus, you can watch interview clips and see cover art for all the books in dozens of languages, as well as keep up-to-date on when the next installment hits shelves. Go ahead, jump on over there. You know you want to.

Flamel Fan Map

Where are you reading The Alchemyst? Put your mark on this interactive map and see where others around the world are reading the series. Shmoop made its mark, make yours!

Nicholas Flamel's MySpace

Who knew Nicholas Flamel was such a popular guy? Visit his MySpace and become one of his 500+ friends.

Nicholas Flamel's 'Hood

Feelin' fancy? Take a walk around the real-life Nicholas Flamel's neighborhood in Paris through Google Earth.

Official Fan Site

Dying for more on our Immortals (sorry, Shmoop couldn't resist the pun)? Visit Flamel's Immortal Portal to read news and updates about the series, participate in the official fan forum, and take fun polls.

Online Games

The Challenges of the Elder

Channel Sophie and Josh and take on the challenges of the Elder in this interactive online game based on The Alchemyst; it's filled with puzzles, logic games, and hosted by the author, Michael Scott, himself.

Mythology Websites

Pantheon Goes Irish

Explore the mythology of Ireland, and be sure to check out the entries on Scathach and Morrigan. Just be on your guard, because that Morrigan has quite the temper.

More Mythology

Learn more about those fascinating Irish myths. There's plenty to explore, and you just might meet some familiar faces.

Egyptian Mythology Links

Go back to the age of the pyramids to discover the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, like our old friend Bastet.

More on Egypt

For when Pantheon doesn't quite cut the mustard.


Brush up on your Greek and Roman mythology with this entry on Hekate, goddess of magic, witchcraft, and necromancy. Hey, she's a Jill of all trades.

Movie or TV Productions

Historical Documents

Leonardo Da Vinci's Coded Diary

Check out Dr. John Dee's inspiration, complete with da Vinci's flying machine plans.


Michael Scott Discusses The Sorceress

Michael Scott reveals his inspiration for the Nicholas Flamel series. Plus, he gives us the skinny on the much-anticipated sixth installment, The Sorceress.

Michael Scott at Comic Con 2010

Michael Scott talks about his love of writing the Nicholas Flamel series.


Music for The Alchemyst: "Perenelle's Theme" by Jumeaux

A duo named Jumeaux has a collection of songs inspired by The Alchemyst. Take a listen yourself—you can even download songs like "This Way Forever," and "Carry My Voice" for free.


Nice Hat, Nicholas

Flamel himself, rocking a beard.

Portrait of Perenelle Flamel

She doesn't look too happy with her hubby.

Portrait of Dr. John Dee

Points for the pointiest beard Shmoop's ever seen.

The Witch of Endor…

… is not to be trifled with. This painting from the National Museum of American Art depicts the Witch of Endor conjuring up the ghost of the prophet Samuel.

Cover Art for The Alchemyst

Go ahead. Judge it by its cover.

Nicholas Flamel's House in Paris

It's looking a little ramshackle these days, but Nick's house is one of the oldest buildings in Paris, so we'll cut him some slack.

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