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The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst


by Michael Scott

Sophie Newman Timeline & Summary

  • While she's working at a coffee shop, Sophie witnesses a kerfuffle at the bookstore across the street where her brother works. The bookshop owner, Nick Fleming, is battling a dude in a gray overcoat.
  • Sophie, with the bookshop owner's wife Perry, runs across the street to help. 
  • The overcoat wearer, who's named Dee, steals a book from Nick Fleming, takes Perry prisoner, and books it. 
  • Sophie and her brother pester Nick Fleming until they find out what's going on.
  • It turns out that Fleming's real name is Nicholas Flamel, his wife's name is Perenelle, and that they are both immortals who are trying to safeguard the book that Dr. John Dee just stole from them.
  • Luckily, Josh tore some pages from the book, which Dee will be needing.
  • Sophie and Josh escape the shop and go with Flamel to a dojo, where they meet Scathach, another immortal.
  • All four of them head to the Shadowrealm, where they meet Hekate, yet another immortal. 
  • After much debate, Hekate agrees to Awaken the twins.
  • See, Flamel thinks the twins are the stuff of prophecy. They have the power to either save the world or destroy it, so they need to unlock Sophie and Josh's magical potential. 
  • As Hekate awakens Sophie, Dee and his cronies attack, so Hekate doesn't have time to Awaken Josh. 
  • Sophie passes out from the strain of Awakening, and Josh carries her away from the battle. 
  • He, Sophie, Flamel, and Scathach escape, but Hekate stays behind and is killed by Dee. 
  • Josh, Sophie, Flamel, and Scatty pile into Dee's Hummer and drive south to Ojai to see the Witch of Endor.
  • Sophie feels overwhelmed by her new magical powers, and when she meets the Witch of Endor, the Witch, Dora, agrees to help train Sophie to learn how to use her powers. 
  • The Witch of Endor pours all of her magical wisdom into Sophie, and when her eyes open, they are flecked with sparkles.
  • Sophie screams when she realizes that Dee has raised an army of the dead to attack the group. 
  • Sophie fends off the dead as best she can, and Dora tells the gang to jump through her mirror—a leygate—which will take them to Paris and safety. 
  • Josh is the last to jump. He hesitates for a moment when Dr. John Dee bursts in and tries to convince him for the last time to join his side. 
  • Sophie comes back out of the mirror to get him, and the two, holding hands, jump through together.