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The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst


by Michael Scott

 Table of Contents

The Alchemyst Themes

The Alchemyst Themes

The Supernatural

Do you believe in magic? Nicholas Flamel sure does. But Sophie and Josh aren't too sure, that is until they see it with their own eyes. The strange thing about magic in The Alchemyst is that it's r...

Awe and Amazement

Awe and amazement goes with magic like peanut butter goes with jelly. Sure they can exist on their own, but they taste so much better together. Every time a supernatural or magical event occurs in...


Shape-shifting. Awakening. Growing up. Characters in The Alchemyst are constantly undergoing all kinds of crazy changes, and that means our characters are standing on some shaky ground. Transformat...


Family: you can't live with 'em; you can't live without 'em. For Sophie and Josh, they have to live with family and without family every day of their lives. They have each other, sure, but their pa...


Be afraid, be very afraid. After all, an evil magician has just stolen the secret to your immortality. Or your awesome boss has just told you that you hold the key to either saving the world or des...

Fate and Free Will

Do you believe in destiny? If you're not sure, that's cool—neither are the characters in The Alchemyst. While it makes sense that Sophie and Josh would ponder their fates and whether they'll have...

Good Versus Evil

A fantasy novel wouldn't be complete without a fight between good and evil, now would it? In The Alchemyst evil takes the form of the powers of darkness—the "Dark Elders" who want to reclaim the...


Sure, Sophie and Josh may be a bit out of their league when it comes to, well, knowing what in the world is going on in The Alchemyst. But what's so great about this book is that they're actually t...

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