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The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst


by Michael Scott

Transformation Quotes in The Alchemyst

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #4

"The mature woman you saw this afternoon was Hekate. The old woman you saw this evening is also Hekate, and in the morning, you will meet a young girl who is Hekate as well."

"The Goddess with Three Faces," Flamel reminded them.

"Hekate is cursed to age with the day. Maiden in the morning, matron in the afternoon, crone in the evening." (17.79)

No wonder Hekate is so sensitive about her age. If we had to age an entire lifetime every time we got out of bed in the morning, we'd probably be a bit testy, too. This description of Hekate's constant changing also gives us a glimpse to the flipside of magic. Though she's powerful, her powers of transformation are considered a curse.

Quote #5

"When you come out of that room, you will be different people."

"I don't want to be a different person," Sophie whispered. She wanted everything to be just as it had been a couple of hours earlier, when everything was ordinary and boring. Right now, she would give anything to go back to a boring world. (24.41)

Our hearts go out to poor Sophie, don't they? Even though she's on the brink of becoming a totally awesome, totally kick butt sorceress, she mostly just wants to go home and maybe chat with her friend Elle over the phone. Sometimes, boring is better. When faced with life-threatening situations, it certainly seems easier to stick with the status quo. But Sophie has a destiny.

Quote #6

From the moment you laid eyes on Dee, you started to change. And once begun, change cannot be reversed. (24.42)

There's something really unsettling about this statement: that there is no turning back, no "home" to go home to. Sometimes, you can choose to change. But sometimes, as in the case of the twins, your life changes dramatically without your permission.

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