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The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst


by Michael Scott

Transformation Quotes in The Alchemyst

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

Sophie flung out her arm, and a long, whip-like, snaking coil of silver energy flowed from her hand. It touched each of the cats […] and they immediately came to stumbling halts, rolling and twisting on the ground as they transformed into ordinary everyday cats, two shorthairs and a ragged-looking Persian. (28.24)

Now those are some serious powers of transformation, huh? Sophie is so powerful now that with a flick of the wrist, she can transfigure a posse of cat-warriors into fluffy, harmless kitties. Aside from the great image this gives us, these lines also give us one of the first examples of Sophie really harnessing and using her new powers. To which we say, you go girl.

Quote #8

"Get away from Nicholas," she said, her lips not moving in sync with her words, "or we will find out what your true shape is, Bastet, who is also Mafdet, Sekhmet, and Menhit." (28.27)

Whoa—so Bastet is a shape shifter, too? Is there anyone in this book who can't transform?

Quote #9

He doubted that his sister would ever be fine again. He'd seen how she looked at him, her eyes blank and staring: she hadn't recognized him. He listened to the voice that had come out of her mouth: it wasn't a voice he knew. His sister, his twin, had been utterly changed. (30.11)

Sure, many of the magical transformations in the novel are just plain cool. But it's easy to forget, with all this awesome shape-shifting going on, that transformations can pack a big emotional punch, too. Sophie is now a majorly powerful sorceress, which sounds great. But we can't help but wonder if her transformation might have changed—even ruined—her relationship with her twin forever.

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