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The Alchemyst

The Alchemyst


Michael Scott

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The Alchemyst Theme of Transformation

Shape-shifting. Awakening. Growing up. Characters in The Alchemyst are constantly undergoing all kinds of crazy changes, and that means our characters are standing on some shaky ground. Transformation is often linked to uncertainty because these characters, like anyone, fear the unknown. Still, no matter how scary it might be to choose to Awaken magical powers or witness a goddess changing forms, these changes are a source of power. So you tell us: is transformation a gift or a curse?

Questions About Transformation

  1. Is the power of transformation a gift or a curse in this novel? What about in the cases of Hekate, the Witch of Endor, Sophie, and Bastet?
  2. What transformations do the twins go through in the novel? Sure, Sophie has been Awakened, but do they go through any other transformations, too?
  3. Sophie has transformed so much throughout the novel, that we wonder if we can still call her a "teen"—is she now just a magical being? Where do you draw the line?
  4. How does Sophie's transformation into a sorceress affect her? How does it affect Josh?

Chew on This

Agree or disagree? Try on an opinion or even start a debate.

When Sophie is Awakened, it transforms her relationship with her twin forever. The two of them will never be as close as they once were, because Josh has been magically left behind and now they have nothing in common.

Sophie's Awakening doesn't change her relationship with Josh one teeny bit. The two are twins, and that's a bond that lasts a lifetime.

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