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Equations and Inequalities Introduction

At times, it seemed that getting through Algebra was like living in a horror movie. Polynomials, functions, and systems of equations were all out to get us, and it felt like all we could do was run away until the dramatic showdown at the end. But we bested the last test and survived to live another day.

Well, now we've been cast into the sequel, Algebra 2: Electric Boogaloo. That doesn't sound like the title of a horror movie, though, and with Shmoop's help it won't be. To start off, we'll take it easy with a review of some Algebra basics. Don't worry, the gang's mellowed out a bit with age.

Then we'll dig deeper into linear inequalities, solving their equations and helping them with their teamwork. The absolute value makes a surprise return with equations and inequalities of its own. We'll cap things off with some word problems. But hey, no worries, we've worked out a detailed strategy that will make them word no-problems instead.

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