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Applications in Science and Engineering

Algebra II has tons of real-world applications. Power functions are often used to model things in nature, like how populations grow. If we wanted to model the trends that make a newly uploaded video go viral, we could use what we learn in Algebra II to do just that. Future biologists, get your natural number on.

From supply and demand to compound interest, we need the basics of Algebra II to master the math we'll encounter in economics. Not only that, but Algebra II will help us understand the graphs we see on a day-to-day basis. These might include graphs of stock market trends or graphs of the cuteness of kittens. (The latter tends to be exponential.)

Matrices are also important in science. In physics, we can learn a little thing call the cross product that'll make electricity and magnetism (slightly) easier. Speaking of physics, it's possible to get through a lot of basic calculations once you've mastered this topic.

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