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Basic Elements

What makes Algebra II go 'round? One of the basic elements is the concept of the equation. That's right, you've seen them before, and you're about to see them again—and again. We'll get to know them really well, and we'll get to know new sides to them. We'll learn how to incorporate new types of terms, and we'll be able to eventually solve them without even flinching.

We'll also spend some more quality time with functions. These will show up in several ways, including in equations and graph forms. What's it mean to be one-to-one? This basic stuff will help get you through higher math, such as calculus, so take the time to learn it now.

Just like you can figure out the rules of a new game, Algebra II has its own set for you to learn. Remember adding and subtracting integers? Those were rules, and you mastered them. You'll learn a more complicated set of rules; just think of them as an expansion pack. Game on.

Two other basic elements that often go together, and are important to get a feel for, are sequences and series. These guys can be confusing, which is why it's important to practice them. You've come to the right place, because we have all kinds of practice problems ready to go.

All of these basic elements can be useful…in their own way. Enter the real-world applications.

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