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Algebra II Introduction
Algebra II Introduction
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Introduction to Algebra II

We've made it through the trenches of Algebra. We've learned the ins and outs of variables, functions, and all of those rules. (So many rules.)

Now it's time to solve some of the great mysteries of life. What is the natural number, and why is it so friendly with logs? What is The Matrix? Are we inside it right now? To answer these questions, we need to learn more rules. (Yes, more rules.)

Why Should I Care?

Algebra II is another stepping stone to holding all of the math power. Not only will we be able to solve for x, we'll be able to solve for x when it's in messy equations involving x2. Better yet, once you've mastered Algebra II, we will have what it takes to handle many questions that the real world might throw at us. We'll be able to better understand concepts such as exponential growth. Ever wonder how fast bacteria really grow? It's exponential.

It will also add more to our arsenal in order to work through any problem we'll encounter in Precalculus, Calculus, and beyond.

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