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Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic Expressions

At a Glance - Distances and Speeds

Let M be miles, and let be kilometers:

K = 1.609M
M = 0.6214K

Since  (this is one of those important formulas you should probably commit to memory), in order to convert a speed from miles per hour (mph) to kilometers per hour (kph), we multiply by 1.609:

To convert a speed from kph to mph, we multiply by 0.6214.

Sample Problem

A sign in Canada says "Speed Limit 100 kph (eh)." How fast is this speed in mph?

To convert a speed from kph to mph we multiply the speed by 0.6214. Therefore, 110 kph is 0.6214(110) = 68.354, or approximately 68 mph. That should be just fast enough to power your way through a moose.

Exercise 1

The speed limit on highways in Michigan is 70 mph. How fast is this speed in kph?

Exercise 2

A walking trail is 10 km long. How long is the trail in miles?

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