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Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic Expressions

Independent and Dependent Variables Examples

Example 1

Tara throws a party every month. She's a little desperate for attention. The number of cupcakes she bakes for her guests depends on how many kids will be at the party. Tara likes to have two cupcakes per kid. She would also like to have some adult friends, but good luck with that, Tara. How should we express this situation algebraically?

Example 2

Fred and John are brothers. John, who is the older of the two and was largely deprived of attention as a young boy, is constantly trying to one-up Fred. Both brothers enjoy clothes shopping. However, because of John's competitiveness, every time Fred buys a new pair of jeans, John will go out and buy a pair that's exactly $10 more expensive.

Express in symbols the relationship between the amount of money Fred spends on a pair of jeans and the amount of money John spends on a pair of jeans. Let F be the amount of money Fred spends, and J the amount of money John spends.