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Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic Expressions

Temperatures Exercises

Example 1

Alex is visiting his friend in Pamplona and wants to adjust the thermostat to 68° F. However, the thermostat only gives readings in Celsius. To what temperature should Alex set the thermostat? Does it really matter? How well will the air conditioning work once a bull tears a hole through the drywall on its way through town?

Example 2

Marcie is making cookies using a recipe from England...because England is known for its high quality food? The recipe says to bake the cookies at 190° Celsius. Marcie, who usually bakes her cookies at 190° Fahrenheit—hence the general mushiness—has an oven with a temperature gauge showing degrees Fahrenheit, and has markings every 25 degrees (at 25°, 50°, 75°, etc.). To what temperature should Marcie set her oven if she doesn't want to turn out her usual sub-par product?