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Quote #10

"Have you invented a plan for keeping the hair from being blown off?" Alice enquired.

"Not yet," said the Knight. "But I've got a plan for keeping it from falling off."

"I should like to hear it, very much."

"First you take an upright stick," said the Knight. "Then you make your hair creep up it, like a fruit-tree. Now the reason hair falls off is because it hangs down – things never fall upwards, you know. It's a plan of my own invention. You may try it if you like." (Looking-Glass 8.36-39)

The Knight's plan is crazy, but not because it wouldn't work. If you could get your hair to grow upwards, then it wouldn't fall off. It's just that making it grow upwards is impossible. Madness and impossibility are two different things in this fantasyland.

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