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All My Sons

All My Sons

by Arthur Miller
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All My Sons Courage Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

Ann: I wish we could tell her now. I can't stand scheming. My stomach gets hard. Chris: It's not scheming, we'll just get her in a better mood. (2.25)

Chris is afraid of his mother's reaction and keeps making excuses to avoid telling her about the engagement.

Quote #2

George: You're not going to marry him. Ann: Why am I not going to marry him? George: Because his father destroyed your family. (2.233-235)

In comparison to the friendly, circuitous way that Chris and Joe approach things, George a straight shooter.

Quote #3

George: And my father, that frightened mouse who'd never buy a shirt without somebody along – that man would dare do such a thing on his own? (2.273)

George believes his father because he knows the characters of the two men involved. Joe's a bull, and Steve's a mouse. Steve never would have made a huge decision on his own.

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